Cockroach Control


How to prepare your home for : Roach Control

* Make sure we can get around all the baseboards of all your rooms,
including your bathrooms.

* Pick up all toys, books, shoes, papers, etc. in all rooms, put them
on top of a table or bed.

* It is not necessary to clean out your kitchen cabinets, but do remove
the drawers from cabinets and dressers, including your bathroom.

* If you have pet food on the floor, please remove. Keep all pet foods
in a plastic or airtight container. Keep your pets food on the floor
during mealtime, only. Remove when your pet had finished

* Be sure pest control operator has free and full access to anywhere
that roaches have been.

Discard all excess paper products, (including paper and plastic sacks),
and any other unused piles of trash. These areas attract roaches
for hiding, eating, and breeding.