Flea Control


How to prepare for : Flea Control

* Strip all the beds and remove slipcovers from furniture (if possible).
Wash them in detergent and the hottest water that the fabrics can
stand. This also goes for pet beds and their slipcovers.

* Pick up all items from the floor, (cloths, books, shoes, toys, etc.)

* Vacuum all floor surfaces and throw away the vacuum bag,

* If you have been wanting to shampoo your carpets, now would be
a good time to have them done. ( just allow plenty of time for them
to dry before treatment)

* Make an appointment to have your pets treated for fleas by a veterinarian
or a professional pet groomer at the same time we will be treating
your home.

* You will need to out of your home for about four hours after treatment,
as all the floor surfaces will slightly damp.