Rodent Control


How to prepare your home for: Rodent Control

* Let us know the areas where mice or signs of rodents have been seen.

* Homeowners should repair any holes in walls, around baseboards or doors
that don't seal properly. (mice can enter through gaps as small as ¼ inch
and rats as small as ½ inches in diameter.) This includes any holes
in the foundation where air conditioning and electrical lines enter the

* Remove all items from underneath the sink to allow access to these areas.

* Make sure that all food items that are not in cans or jars are stored in the
refrigerator or heavy plastic containers for at least two weeks following
service. This includes chips, candies, nuts, cereals, breads, any grain-based
foods, pet foods, etc. that are normally stored in upper or lower cabinets
or on top of the refrigerator. Although usually bagged, rodents can chew right
through plastic bags to get to the food.

* Do not disturb the bait boxes after the service.