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How to prepare your home for Termite Control

*Treatment may involve drilling through the concrete floor in certain areas, in order to treat the soil beneath the concrete. (We should also reseal any holes that are made.) Because of this, residents should plan to be away from the home or apartment for much of the day.

*The specific timeframe for treatment will be specified. 
Prior to service, we will conduct an inspection, noting the areas to be treated.

*In these areas, all furniture, appliances, or stored materials should be moved away from all interior walls, at least three feet where possible.

*All breakable items should also be removed from tables, walls, or cabinets, in areas to be treated, so that nothing will be knocked over.

*If closets are to be treated, it is recommended that all clothing be removed and/or covered, since drilling can cause dust to rise into the air.

*If the weather is bad (snowing or raining) on the day on which work was to be performed, it may need to be rescheduled. We will provide more information on this.