Adams Exterminating

Charles T. Adams Sr.

Charles, started working with his grandfather,
Ed Adams, in the family business, Adams Spray Service, when
he was twelve years old. They worked together for many years
and Ed, taught him everything he knew. Ed taught him how to
efficiently and safely treat a home for pests, where to look for
the target insect and how to exterminate it. He learned how to
talk to the customer, answer their questions and ease their
concerns. “Treat your customer the way you would want to be
treated.” he said, “Take care of your customer, and they will call
will call you back.” Charles continued to work with Ed, until
his passing in 1986.

Charles married his childhood sweetheart, Kathy, and as their
family grew, so did their business. In 1989 she joined the
company as Charles' receptionist, taking calls, making appointments,
and helping to extend high quality customer service.

Now, with over 40 years in the pest management service, Charles
continues to head his grandfathers advice, offering the best quality
and most competitive prices in the Springfield area and surrounding